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Paralegals are people who work in the legal profession. �While many paralegals work for lawyers, there are a number of other occupations for paralegals.� The BridgeValley Paralegal Studies program has been designed by a lawyer who�is a�member of the West Virginia State Bar and who is admitted to practice law�in...  [more...]

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Esccs Paralegal Program Approved By Aba 2017 - ABA ...

ESCC's paralegal program gets approval from ABA

Enterprise State Community College (ESCC) announced this week that the school ... "Graduates of ABA-approved programs have more options for employment than do graduates from programs without this distinction, since many large and exclusive law firms ...

Approved Paralegal Program Graduate Success

(Read More) Nina Miles Lane's journey...  [more...]

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Online Paralegal Degree Programs | Peirce College

Start a Rewarding Legal Career at Peirce

Our online Paralegal Studies degree helps you gain the practical skills you'll need to succeed.

Your Paralegal Studies Degree

Get prepared for a rewarding career making a�difference in people's lives. Peirce offers associate, bachelor's and post-bachelor's degrees in Paralegal Studies. Graduates go on to attain jobs at major law�firms, corporate...  [more...]

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Introduction To Paralegal Studies A Critical Thinking Approach

Introduction to Paralegal Studies: A Critical Thinking Introduction to Paralegal Studies: A Critical Thinking Approach, typical introduction to paralegal studies course Paralegal Studies: A Critical Thinking Introduction to Paralegal Studies: A Critical Thinking Introduction to Paralegal Studies: A Critical Thinking Approach choose Introduction to Paralegal Studies: A Critical to paralegal...  [more...]

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National Paralegal College: Review & Facts | American ...

National Paralegal College additional charges as well as availability of loans and likelyhood of repaying them upon graduation in the Tuition & Loans report for this college.

Admissions Information



The school might accept your dual credits and advanced placement credits (college-level courses taught in high school) for admission.

To request the most accurate and...  [more...]

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Immigration Paralegal Online Courses - Paralegal ...

Immigration Paralegal Online Courses

Online Paralegal Programs | Paralegal Degrees

The Paralegal Institute offers online paralegal programs and degrees. Contact us today at 800-354-1254 to start your new career.

Immigration Paralegal - American Institute For Paralegal ...

Immigration Paralegal "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, ... Let's take a look at...  [more...]

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New York City Graduate Programs in Paralegal Degrees ...

New York City Graduate Programs in Paralegal Degrees & GradSchools

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Paralegal Programs

Are you a current paralegal or someone who holds a college degree that might be interested in becoming a paralegal? A graduate degree in paralegal might be a perfect

opportunity for someone like you looking to advance in their career and take over more responsibilities. If you've completed your associates degree or paralegal bachelors degree , with a Masters in Paralegal, you'll have a more competitive resume in the job market and more advanced skills than other...  [more...]

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ABA Approved Paralegal Certificate | Paralegal ...

An ABA approved paralegal certificate is something often insisted upon by law firms and other paralegal employers.

For many paralegals or those wanting to obtain paralegal certification, they will look for an ABA approved online paralegal certificate or some other ABA approved paralegal certificate programs.

Certainly many paralegals will recommend ABA paralegal programs for those seeking to enter the paralegal profession and attorneys will find that a good quality education in the area provides the necessary groundwork to ensure there is good quality paralegal work undertaken by their...  [more...]

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